About This Site

This site was created for members of the Madison High School Class of 1984 to share memories of yesteryear, provide updates on life after MHS and facilitate communication about class reunions.  All members of our class are encouraged to register on the site.  The Missing Classmates page contains the best known list of class members who have not yet registered on the site.  If you are a member of the class and do not see your name on this page, please use the Contact Us link to request that your name be added.  In order to register your name must first be on this list.

People who attended school at any time with the MHS Class of 1984, but did not graduate with our class as well as MHS faculty members are welcome to register on the site.  Simply contact the administrators using the Contact Us link on the left side to request an account.

The site was built using Class Creator's class site template (www.classcreator.net).  The site's administrators are Kevin Catlin, John Doherty and Roddy McRae.  Registration and use of this site is free of charge for all class members and will remain so.  Since we got in early, our class has a permanent free subscription to the Class Creator hosting.  The only cost of this website is a nominal annual fee we pay for the domain "MadisonHigh1984.com".   Our intent is for this site to remain available to class members indefinitely, though we may not renew the domain after our 2-year term is up.

Class Creator does not engage in renting or selling class member information, or any form of solicitation of class members whatsoever. You can have the utmost confidence that information you post in your profile is held strictly confidential.  Class Creator does not post advertisements on our site and will never send you unsolicited e-mail.  The administrators pledge to keep your information confidential and will only send e-mail related to new information or features on the website or information about general class affairs.

Certain parts of our site, such as Classmate Profiles and Photos among others, are private and can only be accessed by registered classmates and guests that have the system password.  These private areas are blocked from indexing by search engines such as Google and will never appear in search results.  Please note that since these areas were blocked in early March it may take some time for them to be removed from the search engines.

Your profile and contact information you choose to share will be visible to all classmates.  Pictures that you upload to your personal profile may be copied by administrators to other private sections of the site (such as Photos).  There is no limit to the amount of material you can post to your profile, so have at it!